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"I contacted Dwayne through the Wood-Mizer connection, he was prompt in returning my calls and provided me with valuable knowledge about milling logs onsite. When Dwayne arrived on site and I saw the Avant, to be honest, I was skeptical of its ability to move a 8 1/2 foot by 37 inches in diameter freshly cut Ash tree, but within minutes it was clear I had found the guy with the exact equipment needed to get a tough job done. Dwayne and his Avant machine made moving those logs look like a walk in the park. The custom aspect of cutting was a wonderful bonus, we cut boards thin enough for drawer bottoms and sides all the way up to 8/4 for table tops. Dwayne's attitude, his attention to detail and his high quality equipment provided the best complete package solution for onsite log milling. Thanks Dwayne for a great day!

Dennis M.--Harrisburg, PA

"I have worked with Dwayne on several occasions, both for my own personal lumber needs and for customers doing tree removals. It is always a lot of fun and very productive with his top of the line equipment. If you are looking of someone to turn you unwanted logs or trees into valuable lumber and have fun doing it, call Dwayne."

Christopher H.---New London, PA

"While driving on a business trip, I passed a man working with a large quantity of lumber near the road. It turned out he was starting a new business of milling in addition to his current business as that of a cabinet maker. A rather unique combination in my experience. That man was Dwayne Evans.

Many times since that day I have utilized his service as well as his expertise in wood-working and millwork. Later at my recommendation, he traveled 30 miles (one way) and performed a full day's work for my wood working group on site. He machined nearly 1,500 board feet of various hardwoods for some of the pickiest men in Lancaster County. At our request, Dwayne cut slabs, dimensional lumber and quarter-sawn pieces all to our satisfaction and requirements. For me alone, he sold and milled a cherry log, and resawed many pieces of hardwoods for which he takes care to avoid damage to the live edges with which I work.

I have always found him a pleasure to work with and found his prices to be very reasonable. I have really benefitted from his experience and I'm sure you would find the same."

Tom W.--Lititz, PA

"Dwayne was recommended to me by a lumber yard in the southern end. He answered the phone every time I called and came to my house to check out the log. He scheduled me for about three weeks out and showed up on time. His portable mill and loader are impressive, efficient and did not tear up my yard. It was obvious when you meet Dwayne that he loves his work. He was pleasant and jolly as well as hard working. He sawed my log as if it were his own and at the end of the day his price was more than reasonable. I plan on cutting another tree down next year and I will most definitely ask of his service again. It was an honor to meet Dwayne. Thank you."

David K.---Lampeter, PA

"When I first used Dwayne's service to mill logs, I tried to deliver the 15 foot long logs to his place in an attempt to save money. When I showed up to his place with two logs on a now broken boat trailer, he quite graciously offered his flat bed trailer, ramps and log rollers. With the use of his equipment, I was able to get the rest of the logs (about 5 of them) to his house in one trip. It would have taken at least two, if not three trips using my broken boat trailer. When it came time to mill the logs, Dwayne handled his mill adeptly and efficiently. When it was all said and done, he had milled all eight logs (two of them were 15 feet long and all were at least 18" in diameter) into 8/4 planks in less than an hour. All of the cuts were smooth and precise. His price was so fair and his service both friendly and professional that I got him to do some logs that were on my property. This time he came to me. He was right on time. And he was able to back his mill up 200 feet, through a 15 foot wide alley, to get to the logs. Again, Dwayne worked quickly to cut the eight logs into 4/4 planks of cherry. I have enjoyed working with Dwayne so much that I recommended him to some of my colleagues. One of which has decided to call him for logs that he wants milled."

David F.---Coatesville, PA


"My wife has wanted a set of built-in bookshelves for quite awhile. We recently decided to move forward with having them constructed. Before getting stated we asked about who might be able to do the work. Everyone we spoke to suggested Dwayne Evans, so that made things easy. We have not regretted the decision. Dwayne finished the install and we could not be happier. He was easy to work with, and brought a real sense of craftsmanship to the job. We would recommend him to anyone looking at a similar project to ours."

Kenneth C.---New Providence, PA